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Questions & Answers listed below -

1. How to I get a RMA# ?
Fill out RMA form & email it to our office & then an RMA # will be emailed back to you within 24 hours with directions as to where to ship the unit.

(Note - if any problems with requesting the RMA form page or You Do Not receive a confirmation of RMA# within 24 hours of your request - Please email the info to rma@satrepair.com directly)

If you still need more help or you have more questions - fell free to call our Tech line 404-431-4121 Monday thru Friday from 10am thru 7pm Eastern time.

2. How long to have the Satellite Receiver repaired?

Most repairs are ready to ship back to the shipped within 30 / 65 days.

To see the cost go to Repair Cost.

3. Who pays the return shipping charges ?

Your resposible on the shipping charges both ways.

Note - if the unit is Un-repairable you have two options -

1 - Leave the unit with us - we scrap it & not extra charges to you

2 - Or we ship back the unit Un-repaired & you pay the return shipping charges before the unit is returned to you.

4. How to pay for the repair ?

After the Estimate of the repair & return shipping charges is listed on the Issued RMA# .

If your a New Customer the cost of repair & return shipping will be listed on the RMA# - with the note that First time Customers must Pay the repair & return shipping Before the unit is returned. We will send a PayPal Online Invoice & you can pay with any charge card to pay the bill at that time.

5. All of Our Technicians are trained & Licensed?

For Tech support please call - 404-431-4121

6. How to contact us -

Hornsby R & D, Inc

1379 Luella Rd

Locust Grove, GA 30248

770-480-3648 - Office

404-431-4121 - Direct Tech

g.hornsby@satrepair.com - Tech

phornsby@satrepair.com - Accounting